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Machine Learning Intrusion Prevention System (ML-IPS) technology enables FINNEY™ ultra-secure…

Machine Learning Intrusion Prevention System (ML-IPS) technology enables FINNEY™ ultra-secure smartphone

Most smartphones currently on the market do not include any native cyber protections and will instead rely on user downloaded applications. The major issue with this is that these applications are not able to penetrate deep into the operating system. Instead, the sit on the application layer, which is the most vulnerable area, and the easiest to circumvent.

Unlike those other smartphones, FINNEY™ utilizes the SIRIN OS™, which is a stock version of Android that has been modified to include significant security features in every layer of the operating system beginning from the kernel itself.

The crown jewel of FINNEY™’s comprehensive cyber security suite is the built-in machine learning Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). But what exactly is an IPS? What does it do? And how does it make FINNEY™ so secure?

Simply put, an IPS that is built into the operating system creates a pro-active and preventative layer of protection designed to stop any potentially harmful or malicious activities before it even starts. And since it is built into the operating system, circumventing it is incredibly difficult and complex, if it’s even possible at all.

The IPS works to protect your data, security, and privacy through every major attack surface your device regularly encounters.

Network Attacks

Hackers and other malicious actors will sometimes attempt to trick the user, or their device into connecting to their network instead of their intended network. This is done by creating a secondary network, potentially with an identical name, to a reputable network.

If someone goes to a tech conference, coffee shop, or any other commonly used open WiFi network, and attempts to connect to the WiFi, if there is a rogue network present, they might accidentally connect to a rogue network instead.

Someone who set’s their device to automatically connect to known WiFi networks (as most of us do), could have their device connect to a malicious network, at any point in time, without any prompting, and without their knowledge. Once connected to this network, much of their data could be put at risk.

FINNEY™’s IPS is be able to detect potentially problematic networks and prevent the device from connecting to them unless the user actively elects to connect to a potentially malicious network.

Phishing and Malware

As smart and careful as we are, none of us are immune to acting quickly and accidentally clicking on a malicious link or installing a malicious application. It might not be common, but it only needs to happen once to completely turn your life upside down.

That’s where FINNEY™’s IPS comes into play. If and when a user clicks on a link that they think is safe or accidentally installs the wrong application, the IPS will alert the user of the potential danger before any security is compromised.

Unknown Attacks

The most challenging aspects of protecting a device is maintaining that protection. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, new exploits are constantly being discovered, and hackers are consistently exploring new and different avenues they can use to steal your data.

The current industry standard is to wait for a security flaw to be discovered, and then patch that flaw to protect devices. The problem with this standard is it leaves devices unsecured for an indefinite amount of time. All other mainstream devices require constant patching and updating in order to remain secure.

FINNEY™’s IPS isn’t static, it’s a machine learning program. What that means is that it’s able to learn how to recognize unknown or unrecognized attacks even before it’s updated or patched. Both FINNEY™ and the IPS will receive updates to ensure that it has as much information as possible, but the machine learning aspect of the IPS ensures that FINNEY™ devices will remain secure, including the time between when an exploit or flaw is uncovered to the point that a patch is able to be applied.


FINNEY™ is the gold-standard in mobile security since it doesn’t rely on the user to protect the device (as most others do), and it takes a pro-active approach to securing our user’s data, security and privacy.

The proactive approach the SIRIN LABS took in designing SIRIN OS™ and FINNEY™ was to ensure that IPS would be able to protect our users in real-time, while the device is online or offline, and against all attacks, regardless of if they are known or unknown vulnerabilities.

FINNEY™ shifts the paradigm by providing users with a safety net through the IPS. Security issues that require patching will arise, users will click on links they shouldn’t, and install applications they are unfamiliar with. But through FINNEY™’s IPS, you can be confident that regardless of any of these factors, your device will remain secure.