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Webinar Series: The Mobile Menaces Most Wanted List

Series of seven free webinars will review the most common mobile menaces and the best ways to detect and stop them.

In the mobile security world, what can’t be seen can often cause the biggest issues. In August and September, Zimperium will be hosting a webinar series, “The Mobile Menaces Most Wanted List”. The series will introduce the seven mobile menaces that are creeping around mobile devices, just waiting for their chance to infect the enterprise network.

Zimperium, a global leader in enterprise mobile threat defense (MTD) and a leading provider of real-time, on-device protection against known and unknown threats, is committed to providing resources to help enterprises of all sizes, the news media and others interested in safeguarding mobile data better understand common mobile security threats and how to stop them.

“Attackers have identified mobile devices as their favorite target. The reason is simple: mobile devices are not protected like other endpoints and attackers see an easy path into an organization.  Ultimately, most users of mobile devices are completely unaware their devices are being attacked because there are very few, if any, telltale signs their device has been compromised. This is exactly why we are hosting this ‘Most Wanted’ webinar series,” said Michael Callahan, chief marketing officer, Zimperium. “The more security leaders and others understand about these threats, including how to gain visibility, the more prepared enterprises will be to combat them if, or more accurately, when they are attacked.”

Each of the seven free webinars will introduce one of the seven notorious threats on the Mobile Menace Most Wanted List, explaining what each mobile menace is, how each one attacks the enterprise and how enterprises can defeat these mobile menaces. 

#7: Risky App
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#6: Malicious App
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#5: Man In The Middle
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#4: Bad Wi-Fi
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#3: Phishing
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#2: Rogue Profile
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#1: OS Exploit
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