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Zimperium Webinar: State of Mobile Device Threats

Webinar displays thousands of mobile threats Zimperium detected and how mobile devices are being used for surveillance and data theft.

Zimperium is providing mobile threat data for customers, media and the general public via a live webinar. Zimperium executive, JT Keating, vice president of product strategy, will lead the session and answer questions.

WHO: Zimperium, a global leader in enterprise mobile threat defense (MTD) and a leading provider of real-time, on-device protection against known and unknown mobile threats.

TITLE: The State of Mobile Device Threats: 2018 H1 Mobile Threat Report

WHAT: This webinar will provide the audience with mobile threat intelligence on how attackers are targeting enterprise customers via device, network and operating system vulnerabilities. The webinar will specifically review:

  • Mobile device threat trends (1 of every 3 devices detect threats)
  • Network attacks and rogue access points (66% of attacks are via networks)
  • Application privacy abuse, fake apps and mobile malware (80% of malware scans corporate networks)

WHY: Zimperium’s mobile security detects various risks and threats on enterprise mobile devices as they connect around the world. Each risk and attack provides Zimperium customers detailed forensics in order to diagnose and remediate the event. As part of its work to help enterprises better understand mobile security and the threats against these devices, Zimperium is sharing this mobile threat event data with users and other security teams.

In addition to the webinar, Zimperium is also providing a detailed report discussing the threats detected in the past quarter. The report, which will be available to the public after the webinar, provides details about these attacks and what can be learned from each one to better protect devices in the future.

WHEN: On-Demand

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