What is The Personal Zone?

SIRIN V3 Personal Zone provide the best user experience, as other top-notch smartphones. 

Users can install apps from Google Play Store as usual, while all the time they are protected by SIRIN V3 security mechanism.

Our security mechanism works in the background in order to protect our users and their data through variety of techniques, such us:

Exploring, analyzing and disabling apps from unknown sources, 

Restricts apps installation with white/black list apps policy.

Restrict voice recording to secured apps.

Disallow USB apps/data injection.

Disallow BT apps/data injection.

Disallow keyboard replacement.

Disallow Download-Mode on boot.

Disallow Developer options.

Disallow USB-Debugging.

Disallow Factory-Reset.

Disallow Safe-Mode.

Encrypted storage on boot.

Restricts Factory-Reset, Safe-Mode.

Controls all mobile capabilities.

Applies policy groups remotely.

Manages multiple devices instantly. 

What is the Work Zone?

Is the Personal Zone separate from the Work Zone?

Secured Encrypted Call

White List Protection

Anonymous Numbers

Dual Persona

SIRIN V3 Pre-installed Apps

Device Multi-Layers Security

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