What carriers does the FINNEY phone work on?

Below is the complete list of cellular bands supported by the FINNEY U1:

GSM: 850; 900 (E-GSM); 1800 (DCS); 1900 (PCS)
UMTS : B1 (2100); B2 (1900 PCS); B4 (1700/2100 AWS 1); B5 (850); B6 (850 Japan); B8 (900 GSM)
TDD LTE: B1 (2100); B2 (1900 PCS); B3 (1800 +); B4 (1700/2100 AWS 1); B5 (850); B7 (2600); B8 (900); B12 (700 ac); B13 (700 c); B17 (700 bc); B20 (800 DD); B25 (1900 +); B26 (850 +);  B29 (700 de); B30 (2300 WCS); B66 (1700/2100)
TD-SCDMA: B38 (TD 2600); B41 (TD 2500)
CDMA: BC0 (800); BC1 (1900 PCS); BC10 (Secondary 800 MHz)

This list of bands should cover most major carriers around the world. We recommend that you cross-reference this list with the bands used by your carrier of choice.

What LTE bands are supported?



B1+B3, B1+B5, B1+B7, B1+B8, B1+B20, B1+B41, B3+B3, B3+B5, B3+B7, B3+B8, B3+B20, B5+B7, B7+B7, B7+B8, B7+B20, B38+B38,

B41+B41, B4+B17, B4+B12, B2+B4, B2+B2, B4+B4, B41+B41,

B25+B25, B1+B26, B4+B13


B1+B3+B3, B1+B3+B5, B1+B3+B8, B1+B3+B20, B1+B5+B7, B3+B3+B7, B3+B3+B8, B3+B7+B7, B3+B7+B20, B41+B41+B41, B2+B12+B4

LTE Uplink CA

B41+B41, B7+B7

LTE Downlink


LTE Uplink


How do I reset my network settings?

This process will restore all network settings to factory defaults.

Note: resetting your network settings will erase:

Any paired Bluetooth devices Any saved Wi-Fi networks Any customized cellular network settings such as APN preferences

Network Reset

To begin, tap  to enter the Settings menu

Tap System Tap Reset options Tap Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth Tap RESET SETTINGSonce more to confirm

What Mobile SIMs types are available (internal info)?

Mobile SIM – - GSM phones

You can move the SIM card from one phone to the other without any issue.

If you put it in an upgraded phone you've just purchased, the phone number and carrier plan details will apply to the new phone.

Carrier-locked SIM

A SIM card from any carrier will work in any device sold by that same carrier and will not work in a device sold by a different carrier.

It is usually possible to unlock a cell phone with the help of the carrier.

CDMA carrier network

A CDMA device cannot be easily switched from one carrier network to another, and cannot be used in many countries outside the US.

FINNEY phones do support BC0 (800); BC1 (1900 PCS); BC10 (Secondary 800 MHz) Bands.



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